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The Green-Eyed Monster (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) - Plot Synopsis
... is saved by her father Holidus and is revealed to be the beautiful Psyche ... the man (who falls in love with a male companion) instead of Psyche ... Aphrodite jealous of Psyche's beauty, appears and chastises her son Cupid for missing her with the arrow, and he flies away ...
Cupid (2009 TV Series) - Characters
... versed in all Greco-Roman myths except the story of Cupid and Psyche (either indicating that he has forgotten this occurrence, that it has yet to happen, or that he is lying) ... According to the legend of Cupid and Psyche, Psyche had jealous sisters who filled her head with lies about Cupid, which led her to open a box from the Underworld that she thought was filled with beauty, but was ... memory of a former lover (explaining his lack of knowledge about Cupid's mythical wife, Psyche) ...
Psyche - Other Uses
... Cupid and Psyche, a myth 16 Psyche, an asteroid HMS Psyche, one of various British naval ships USS Psyche V (SP-9), a United States patrol vessel Danielle Moonstar ...
Les Fêtes De Paphos - Synopsis - Act Three: L'Amour Et Psyché
... de Fusée de Voisenon Source the myth of Cupid and Psyche Psyche is in love with Cupid (L'Amour) but is punished by the jealous Venus ... Cupid and Psyche are shipwrecked in a storm conjured up by the Fury Tisiphone and Psyche drowns ... journeys to the underworld and rescues Psyche but daylight reveals that her beauty has been destroyed by Tisiphone ...
USS Psyche V (SP-9)
... USS Psyche V (SP-9) was an armed motorboat that served in the United States Navy as a patrol vessel from 1917 to 1919 ... Psyche V was built in 1911 by Fred S ... She had been renamed Psyche V by the time the U.S ...

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    The experience of the gangster as an experience of art is universal to Americans. There is almost nothing we understand better or react to more readily or with quicker intelligence.... In ways that we do not easily or willingly define, the gangster speaks for us, expressing that part of the American psyche which rejects the qualities and the demands of modern life, which rejects “Americanism” itself.
    Robert Warshow (1917–1955)

    Celestial Cupid her fam’d son advanc’t,
    Holds his dear Psyche sweet intranc’t
    After her wandring labours long,
    Till free consent the gods among
    Make her his eternal Bride,
    And from her fair unspotted side
    Two blissful twins are to be born,
    Youth and Joy; so Jove hath sworn,
    John Milton (1608–1674)