Procession - Processions in Art

Processions in Art

The wealth of display associated with processions makes them a rich subject for literary and visual art. Some examples include:

  • Processions were popular subjects for the Romantic painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Fantastical Ludwig II of Bavaria was the subject of Sleigh Ride by Wenig. Spring, a painting by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, displays a romanticized Roman procession, while his Finding of Moses shows an heiress of the Pharaoh proceeding to the palace with her entourage. The exotic Queen of Sheba's Visit to King Solomon by Edward Poynter touches on a longstanding convention of elaborate processions from "the East". Walter Crane depicted Beauty being escorted by wigged monkeys in his 1874 Beauty and the Beast.
  • the opera Aida is known for its triumphal procession. The first staging included a live elephant on stage.
  • the processions of Tarkhaans and Tarkheenas are emblematic of Tashbaan's wealth and glamour in the book The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis

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... Despite some attempts since 1979, Muharram processions and various forms of the rawza khani are still more common ... specifically to the miniature mausoleums used in processions held in Muharram ... called ta'zīya to be carried in Muharram processions ...
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... During the evening large guisers processions can be seen all over the town, carrying lanterns, wearing masks and traditional costumes ... These processions are known as the "Rivers of Fire" Early in the evening a Lord of Misrule is chosen from among the masked revellers who leads the main processions and has certain honorary ...
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... Guilds from many different professions would take part in the processions that took place over the course of the festival ... Artisan processions were not introduced into these festivals until 1582 and with the incorporation of an elaborate guild structure emerging in the seventeenth ... The next two processions after that were limited strictly to guilds participating in processions ...

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    When truth is nothing but the truth, it’s unnatural, it’s an abstraction that resembles nothing in the real world. In nature there are always so many other irrelevant things mixed up with the essential truth. That’s why art moves you—precisely because it’s unadulterated with all the irrelevancies of real life.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)

    It is difficult to believe that even idiots ever succumbed to such transparent contradictions, to such gaudy processions of mere counter-words, to so vast and obvious a nonsensicality ... sentence after sentence that has no apparent meaning at all—stuff quite as bad as the worst bosh of Warren Gamaliel Harding.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)