Population Density

Population density (in agriculture standing stock and standing crop) is a measurement of population per unit area or unit volume. It is frequently applied to living organisms, and particularly to humans. It is a key geographic term.

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Chetton - Demographic - Population Density (Per Acre)
... Since the data from the 1881 census was published the population density of Chetton has steadily increased ever since ... Compared to the population density of England and Wales which has stayed the same and slightly decreased around the 1900 but then increased soon after ... Although the density changes a lot from one census to another but that was also down the change of map boundaries ...
Demographics Of US - Population Density
... See also List of United States cities by population density The most densely populated state is New Jersey (1,121/mi2 or 433/km2) ... states by population density for maps and complete statistics ... "dot" or "nighttime" map showing population distribution at a resolution of 7,500 people, as well as complete listings of population density by place name ...
Population Density - Other Methods of Measurement
... While arithmetic density is the most common way of measuring population density, several other methods have been developed which aim to provide a more ... Arithmetic density The total number of people / area of land (measured in km2 or sq miles) ... Physiological density The total population / area of arable land ...
Marsh Rice Rat - Behavior and Ecology - Population Dynamics
... The population density of the marsh rice rat usually does not reach 10 per ha (4 per acre) ... The weather may influence population dynamics in the Everglades, densities may exceed 200 per ha (80 per acre) when flooding concentrates populations on small islands, In the Florida ... Population size is usually largest during the summer and declines during winter, although populations in Texas and Louisiana may be more seasonally stable ...
Swietenia Macrophylla - Ecology - Population Density
... from South America, though of course surviving populations do not necessarily reflect historic natural densities after centuries of exploitation, especially of ...

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