Polling Day

  • (noun): The day appointed for an election; in the United States it is the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November.
    Synonyms: election day

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Indonesian Legislative Election, 1999 - Polling Day
... In the last few days before the vote on June 7, newspapers carried advertisements sponsored by the Indonesian Election Committee explaining how to vote and urging people to do so ... On the day itself, polls opened at 8am ... There was independent monitoring down to the level of polling stations by Indonesians as well as by 100 observers and support staff from 23 counties led by Jimmy Carter ...
Parliamentary Elections In Singapore
... On nomination day, the returning officer and his or her representatives will be present at designated nomination centres between 1100 am and 1200 noon to receive ... date of the writ of election and 1200 noon on nomination day, candidates must lodge with the returning officer a deposit equal to 8% of the total allowances ... issues a notice of contested election which states when polling day will be and information such as the names of the candidates, their proposers and seconders, the ...
Election Silence - Distribution
24 hours) Australia (from midnight on the Wednesday before polling day to the close of polls on polling day) Barbados (polling day and previous) Bosnia and Herzegovina (24 hours) Bulgaria (24 hours in advance ... See Federal Elections Blackout Croatia (from 0000 on the preceding day) Egypt (48 hours) France (on the Saturday before the Sunday election polling silence included) Hungary (f ... in advance of polling day and on polling day) Italy (from 0000 on the preceding day), polling banned from 15 days before elections, it is prohibited to say the names of candidates on television in ...

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