Polarization - in The Physical Sciences

In The Physical Sciences

  • Polarization (waves), the orientation of oscillations in the plane perpendicular to a transverse wave's direction of travel which may include:
    • Polarization (antenna), the orientation of electromagnetic waves from e.g. a radio antenna
  • Dielectric polarization, charge separation in insulating materials:
    • Polarization density, volume dielectric polarization
    • Dipolar polarization, orientation of permanent dipoles
    • Ionic polarization, displacement of ions in a crystal
    • Maxwell-Wagner-Sillars polarization, slow long-distance charge separation in dielectric spectroscopy on inhomogeneous soft matter
  • Polarization (electrochemistry), a change in the equilibrium potential of an electrochemical reaction
  • Spin polarization, the degree by which the spin of elementary particles is aligned to a given direction
  • Polarizability, an electrical property of atoms or molecules and a separate magnetic property of subatomic particles
    • Polarization function, a feature of some molecular modelling methods
  • Photon polarization, the mathematical link between wave polarization and spin polarization
  • Vacuum polarization, a process in which a background electromagnetic field produces virtual electron-positron pairs
  • Polarity in embryogenesis, during development, an embryo has an animal pole and a vegetal pole

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