Plug, PLUG, plugs, or plugged may refer to:

  • Plug (sanitation), a plughole in a bathtub, washbasin and sink
  • Plug (fishing), a family of fishing lures
  • Plug (horticulture), a planting technique
  • Plug (jewellery), a type of solid jewellery that may be worn in stretched piercings
  • Plug computer, a type of small-form-factor computer
  • Butt plug, a sex toy designed to be inserted in the anus and rectum for sexual pleasure
  • Core plug, designed to intentionally leak engine coolant when it freezes
  • Earplug for ear protection
  • Fusible plug, a safety device in steam boilers
  • Hair plug, hair that has undergone hair transplantation
  • Product plug, a slang term for product placement
  • Volcanic plug, a geological landform
  • Wall plug, a type of fastener used in buildings which allows screws to be fitted into masonry walls
  • Plug, the first step in the manufacturing process for parts made of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer
  • A type of chewing tobacco made by pressing tobacco with syrup
  • Plug, an alias of Luke Vibert (born 1973), British electronic musician
  • Portland Linux/Unix Group (PLUG), a group of Linux enthusiasts in Portland, Oregon

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