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Play Cafe - Format - Weekly Raffle
... of the segment, they earn between one and ten "Raffle Tickets" ten tickets to the first-place finisher, nine to the second-place finisher, all the way down to one ticket for the tenth-place finisher ...
Ferg Hawke
... results include Chuckanut Mountain 50 km, Bellingham, Washington, USA first-place finisher overall (1995), second (1998), third (1996 and 1999) ... first-place finisher overall (1996) ... mile Ultramarathon, Portland, Oregon, USA first-place finisher overall (1995) ...
Call Of Cthulhu: The Card Game - Gaming Milestones - Yithians
... This Yithian Tournament had the following special rules The first-place finisher challenges the Yithian deck, as played by the tournament organizer ... If the first-place finisher is defeated, the second-place finisher takes his spot, and so on ...
Aggravation (board Game) - Tournaments
... The 4 players take the place of marbles the leader watches, rolls, and makes decisions ... The first-place finisher in the previous game gets 3 bonus rolls ... The second-place finisher gets 2, and the third-place finisher gets one ...
Denis Ten - Career - 2007–2008 Season
... He placed 3rd in the short program, 2.42 behind second place finisher Ivan Bariev and 2.22 ahead of fourth place finisher Andrew Lum ... In the free skate, Ten placed 6th, and finished the event in 6th place overall, 5.09 points behind bronze medalist Takahito Mura ... program and 10th in the free skate to place 10th overall ...

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