The name Pius /ˈpaɪəs/, Latin for "pious", may refer to any one of the following:

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Late Years Of Pope Pius XII - Pope Pius XII and Appointments - Theologians
... and was not only silenced, he was excommunicated under Pope Pius XII for his interpretation of Catholic doctrine ... Pope Pius XII first in 1950, in Humani Generis warned against adopting of philosophies, which today are modern, tomorrow hopelessly old-fashioned ... Defending traditional Thomism, Pope Pius asked for its reform and further improvement rather than rejection, which would lead to positivism and relativism in theology ...
Late Years Of Pope Pius XII - Pope Pius XII and Appointments - Roman Curia
... while open to all the faithful and visitors to Rome, Pius was viewed as limiting contacts with Vatican clergy and representatives of the Roman Curia ... Pope Pius procrastinated personnel decisions, but also found it increasingly difficult to chastise subordinates and appointees ... Domenico Tardini provides an insight Pope Pius received a monsignor whose work performance left much to be desired ...
Catechism Of Saint Pius X
... The Catechism of Saint Pius X is a 1908 short book, issued by Pope Pius X with questions and answers regarding the essentials of Christian faith ...
Le Pelerinage De Lourdes - The Popes and Lourdes - Saint Pius X
... after the definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, Saint Pius X wrote in Ad Diem Illum, that his predecessor Pius IX, "had hardly defined it to be of Catholic faith that Mary was from her ... Pope Pius XII concludes “It could not have been otherwise ... us to the praise of the adorable Trinity." The encyclical adds, that Saint Pius X had viewed the shrine of Lourdes as surpassing in glory all others in the Catholic world ...
Louis-Siffren-Joseph De Salamon - Life
... time belonging to the Papal States, he was made auditor of the Rota by the favour of Pope Pius VI ... that passed in Paris and could be of interest to Pius VI ... The new pontiff, Pope Pius VII, did not select him for one of the sees under the Concordat, but made him titular bishop of Orthozia ...

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    It is an error to believe that the Roman Pontiff can and ought to reconcile himself to, and agree with, progress, liberalism, and contemporary civilization.
    —Pope Pius IX (1792–1878)