Pioneering Work

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Herbert S. Gutowsky - Research On Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
... His experimental and theoretical work on the chemical shift effect and its relation to molecular structure has provided the chemist with working tools to study molecular conformation and ... Gutowsky's pioneering work on the spin-spin coupling effect developed this phenomenon into a 'finger print' method for the identification and characterization of organic compounds ... He was awarded the Wolf Prize in Chemistry in 1983/84 for "his pioneering work in the development and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in ...
Tollywood - Cast and Crew
... and Pattabhirami Reddy have garnered international recognition for their pioneering work in Parallel Cinema ... has garnered eight National Film Awards, the highest individual awards in Telugu cinema, for his pioneering work as a director ... Sreekar Prasad, known for his initial works in Telugu films of the 1980s, has garnered national recognition for film editing across multiple ...
Sakurai Prize - Prize Recipients
2011 Chris Quigg, Estia Eichten, Ian Hinchliffe, and Kenneth Lane "For their work, separately and collectively, to chart a course of the exploration of TeV scale physics using multi-TeV hadron colliders ... Keith Ellis "For work in perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics, including applications to problems pivotal to the interpretation of high energy particle collisions" 2008 Alexei Smirnov and Stanislav ... Marciano and Alberto Sirlin "For their pioneering work on radiative corrections, which made precision electroweak studies a powerful method of probing the Standard Model and ...
National Medal Of Technology And Innovation - Laureates
... DNA technology" 1989 Jay Wright Forrester and Robert Everett "For their work in real-time computer technologies and applications." 1989 Helen T. 1990 The DuPont Company "For pioneering the development and commercialization of high-performance man-made polymers such as nylon, neoprene rubber, "Teflon" fluorocarbon resin ... original contributions to energy production and policy for pioneering in nuclear power for developing risk assessment and risk management concepts for organizing the Electric Power Research Institute, a consortium for ...

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    There is work together
    A Church for all
    And a job for each
    Every man to his work.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    You know what I’m talking about. This business has changed. Flyers aren’t pilots anymore, they’re engineers. This is a college man’s game. Our work is done. The pioneering is over.
    Frank W. Wead (1895?–1947)