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List Of Mad Men Characters - Other Characters - Phoebe
... Phoebe (Nora Zehetner) is a nurse who lives down the hall from Don Draper's Greenwich Village apartment ... Unfortunately, Sally cuts off her hair while on Phoebe's watch, angering Don, who has to deal with the aftermath from Betty ...
Phoebe (Leucippides)
... In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a daughter of Leucippus and Philodice ... Phoebe and Hilaeira were priestesses of Athena and Artemis, and betrothed to Idas and Lynceus, the sons of Aphareus ... Phoebe married Pollux and bore him a son, named either Mnesileos or Mnasinous ...
Phoebe, Junior
... Phoebe, Junior A Last Chronicle of Carlingford (also spelled Phœbe, Junior) is an 1876 novel by Margaret Oliphant ... It follows the exploits of its heroine, Phoebe Beecham, as she learns the true history of her family history ...
List Of Goodnight Sweetheart Characters - Phoebe Bamford (nee Elward)
... Phoebe (Dervla Kirwan series one to three, Elizabeth Carling four to six) is a 1940s barmaid who becomes the girlfriend and eventually the wife of 1990s time traveller, Gary Sparrow ... Throughout the series, Phoebe is unaware that Gary is both a time traveller and an adulterer (later a bigamist) ... Phoebe works at the Royal Oak an East End public house owned by her father, Eric ...
List Of Goodnight Sweetheart Characters - Eric Elward
... Eric (played by David Ryall) is Phoebe's father and a staunch patriot of his King and country ... underlying suspicion of Gary and is quick to remind Phoebe that she is still married to a serving British soldier whenever Gary visits ... eventually killed in a bombing, Gary is able to pursue his courtship of Phoebe with far less impediment than previously ...

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    Tomorrow night, when Phoebe doth behold
    Her silver visage in the watery glass,
    Decking with liquid pearl the bladed grass.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)