Philosophical Aspects of The Abortion Debate

The philosophical aspects of the abortion debate are presented in the form of a number of logical arguments which can be made in support of or opposition to abortion.

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    Abject flattery and indiscriminate assentation degrade, as much as indiscriminate contradiction and noisy debate disgust. But a modest assertion of one’s own opinion, and a complaisant acquiescence in other people’s, preserve dignity.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)

    ... abortion opponents love little babies as long as they are in somebody else’s uterus.
    Joycelyn Elders (b. 1933)

    That anger can be expressed through words and non-destructive activities; that promises are intended to be kept; that cleanliness and good eating habits are aspects of self-esteem; that compassion is an attribute to be prized—all these lessons are ones children can learn far more readily through the living example of their parents than they ever can through formal instruction.
    Fred Rogers (20th century)