A petition is a request to do something, most commonly addressed to a government official or public entity. Petitions to a deity are a form of prayer.

In the colloquial sense, a petition is a document addressed to some official and signed by numerous individuals. A petition may be oral rather than written, and in this era may be transmitted via the Internet.

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Speaking Of Research - Pro-Test For Science
... At the event, Tom Holder announced the launch of the Pro-Test Petition, which aimed to give people in the US the "opportunity to show support for the scientists and opposition to the use of ... This petition, to defend animal research, was similar to The People's Petition which gained over 20,000 signatures in the United Kingdom ... The Pro-Test Petition accumulated 11,600 signatures over 12 months, after gaining backing from a number of science organizations including the Society for Neuroscience ...
Petition Of The Three Colonels
... The petition of the three colonels or The Humble Petition of Several Colonels of the Army was a document of the English Interregnum ... On 18 October that year, after the petition had been ceased and the three officers arrested, John Wildman published it ... a year in prison because, in addition to signing the petition, he had stirred up dissatisfaction among English troops stationed in Ireland ...
Petition - Modern Use
... Petitions are commonly used in the U.S ... Once the requisite number of signatures was obtained on the recall petition, other petitions were circulated by would-be candidates who wanted to appear on the ballot as ... Other types of petitions include those that sought to free Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment by the former apartheid government of South Africa ...
Social Media Marketing - Campaigns - Betty White
... In 2010, a Facebook campaign surfaced in the form of a petition ... Users virtually signed a petition asking NBC Universal to have actress Betty White host Saturday Night Live ... Once signed, users forwarded the petition to all of their followers ...
Lawrence E. Glendenin - Szilárd Petition
... Glendenin and 154 other Manhattan Project scientists signed the Szilárd petition ... The petition urged President Harry S ...

Famous quotes containing the word petition:

    Maybe we were the blind mechanics of disaster, but you don’t pin the guilt on the scientists that easily. You might as well pin it on M motherhood.... Every man who ever worked on this thing told you what would happen. The scientists signed petition after petition, but nobody listened. There was a choice. It was build the bombs and use them, or risk that the United States and the Soviet Union and the rest of us would find some way to go on living.
    John Paxton (1911–1985)

    Clay answered the petition by declaring that while he looked on the institution of slavery as an evil, it was ‘nothing in comparison with the far greater evil which would inevitably flow from a sudden and indiscriminate emancipation.’
    State of Indiana, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)