Persian Wars

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Turco–Persian Wars
... The term Turco–Persian Wars can refer to two sets of conflicts The wars of the Central Asian Göktürks against the Sassanid Empire Perso-Turkic Wars First Perso-Turkic War (588) Second Perso-Turkic ...
History Of The Orthodox Church - Byzantine Empire - The Roman-Persian Wars
... Main article Battle of Firaz Lasting from 92BC to 627AD the conflict between the Persian and Roman Empires was a protracted struggle which was arguably a continuation of the Greco-Persian Wars ... The Roman-Persian Wars led to weakening of the neighboring Arab states to the South and East of the Byzantine Empire ... The conflict so drained both the Persian and Byzantine empires that once the conquests of Muhammad started, neither could mount an effective defense ...
Ancient Greek Warfare - The Greco-Persian Wars
... The Greco-Persian Wars (499-448 BC) were the result of attempts by the Persian Emperor Darius the Great, and then his successor Xerxes I to subjugate Ancient Greece ... Darius was already ruler of the Greek cities of Ionia, and the wars are taken to start when they rebelled in 499 BC ... After burning Eretria, the Persians landed at Marathon ...
List Of Military Commanders - Ancient - Ancient Greece
... (525 BC–460 BC), Athenian admiral during the Persian Wars ... Eurybiades, Spartan general during the Persian Wars ... Pausanias – Spartan general during the Persian Wars ...

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    That doctrine [of peace at any price] has done more mischief than any I can well recall that have been afloat in this country. It has occasioned more wars than any of the most ruthless conquerors. It has disturbed and nearly destroyed that political equilibrium so necessary to the liberties and the welfare of the world.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)

    The threadbare trees, so poor and thin,
    They are no wealthier than I;
    But with as brave a core within
    They rear their boughs to the October sky.
    Poor knights they are which bravely wait
    The charge of Winter’s cavalry,
    Keeping a simple Roman state,
    Discumbered of their Persian luxury.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)