• (noun): A theocratic islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia; Iran was the core of the ancient empire that was known as Persia until 1935; rich in oil; involved in state-sponsored terrorism.
    Synonyms: Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran
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Statira Principessa Di Persia
... Statira principessa di Persia (Stateira, Princess of Persia) is an opera - more specifically, a dramma per musica - in a prologue and three acts by Francesco Cavalli, set to a libretto by Giovanni Francesco Busenello ...
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List Of Ying Xiong Wu Lei Characters - Black Holy Country - Persians of Worship-the-Fire Cult
... Persia's Worship-the-Fire Cult (波斯 拜火教, Beisi Baihuojiao) is a war cult founded at Persia (波斯, Beisi) ... Zhuo Qing visits to Persia with the idea to cooperate with this cult for his way to be China's emperor ...
Sakaldwipiya History - Maga in India
... religious minority in India, many of whom are Persia ... Many (but not all) of the magus fled the advent of Islam in Persia, or Iran, by emigrating to India, settling in western principalities which form the modern states of ... can only be Zoroastrian by birth, the number of Persia and Zoroastrians in the world is shrinking, and the remaining population risks passing down genetic defects as with any small community ...

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  • (noun): An empire in southern Asia created by Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BC and destroyed by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC.
    Synonyms: Persian Empire

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    Life is a long Dardenelles, My Dear Madam, the shores whereof are bright with flowers, which we want to pluck, but the bank is too high; & so we float on & on, hoping to come to a landing-place at last—but swoop! we launch into the great sea! Yet the geographers say, even then we must not despair, because across the great sea, however desolate & vacant it may look, lie all Persia & the delicious lands roundabout Damascus.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)