Peak Heat Flux

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Reentry - Entry Vehicle Design Considerations
... when designing a vehicle for atmospheric entry Peak heat flux Heat load Peak deceleration Peak dynamic pressure Peak heat flux and dynamic pressure selects the TPS material ... Heat load selects the thickness of the TPS material stack ... Peak deceleration is of major importance for manned missions ...
Reentry - Shock Layer Gas Physics - Real (equilibrium) Gas Model
... for a 7.8 km/s entry into air during peak heat flux ... of extreme importance towards modeling heat flux, owes its validity to the stagnation point being in chemical equilibrium ... Galileo Probe's entry into Jupiter's atmosphere, the shock layer was mostly in equilibrium during peak heat flux due to the very high pressures experienced (this ...

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    Death not merely ends life, it also bestows upon it a silent completeness, snatched from the hazardous flux to which all things human are subject.
    Hannah Arendt (1906–1975)

    You know, I often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They’re admired and hero-worshipped but there is always present underlying desire to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory.
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    —William Least Heat Moon [William Trogdon] (b. 1939)