Oxidizing Agents

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Manganese Compounds - Characteristics - Chemical Properties
... purple permanganate anion MnO4−, are powerful oxidizing agents ... Compounds with oxidation states +5 (blue) and +6 (green) are strong oxidizing agents and are vulnerable to disproportionation ... state is known in compounds like manganese(III) acetate, but these are quite powerful oxidizing agents and also prone to disproportionation in solution to manganese(II) and manganese(IV) ...
Bread Improver
... Flour treatment agents (also called improving agents, bread improvers, dough conditioners and dough improvers) are food additives combined with flour to improve baking functionality ... Flour treatment agents are used to increase the speed of dough rising and to improve the strength and workability of the dough ... bakery processing, which fall into four main categories bleaching agents, oxidizing and reducing agents, enzymes, and emulsifiers ...
Depolarizer - Oxidizing Agents
... Leclanché cell and Dry cell Nitric and chromic acids are powerful oxidizing agents, and effective depolarizers, but their hazardous nature makes them unsuitable for general use ...

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