Owen Barfield - Major Works

Major Works

For a full bibliography including all essays, see Hipolito, "Bibliography of the published Writings of Owen Barfield" in sources section below.

  • The Silver Trumpet novel. (1925)ISBN 978-0917665066
  • History in English Words (1926) ISBN 978-0-940262-11-9
  • Poetic Diction: A Study In Meaning (1928) ISBN 978-0-9559582-4-3
  • Romanticism Comes of Age (1944) ISBN 978-1-59731-114-4
  • Greek Thought in English Words (1950) essay in: G. Rostrevor Hamilton, ed. (1950), Essays and Studies 1950, 3, London: John Murray, pp. 69–81
  • This Ever Diverse Pair (1950) ISBN 978-0-9559582-5-0
  • Saving the Appearances: a Study in Idolatry (1957) ISBN 978-0-9559582-8-1
    • Evolution – Der Weg des Bewusstseins: Zur Geschichte des Europaischen Denkens. (1957) in German, Markus Wulfing (trans.) ISBN 978-3-925177-11-8
    • Salvare le apparenze: Uno studio sull'idolatrie (2010) in Italian, Giovanni Maddalena, Stephania Scardicchio (editors) ISBN 978-88-211-6521-4
  • Worlds Apart: A Dialogue of the 1960s (1963) ISBN 978-0-9559582-6-7
  • Unancestral Voice (1965) ISBN 978-0-9559582-7-4
  • Speaker's Meaning (1967) ISBN 978-1-59731-112-0
  • What Coleridge Thought (1971) ISBN 978-1-59731-106-9
  • The Rediscovery of Meaning and Other Essays (1977) ISBN 978-1-59731-102-1
  • History, Guilt, and Habit (1979) ISBN 978-1-59731-108-3
  • Review of Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of Bicameral Mind (1979) essay in: Teachers College Record, 80, 1979–2002, pp. 602–604
  • Language, Evolution of Consciousness, and the Recovery of Human Meaning (1981)essay reprinted in "Toward the Recovery of Wholeness: Knowledge, Education, and Human Values", ISBN 978-0-8077-2758-4, p 55–61.
  • The Evolution Complex (1982) essay in Towards 2.2, 6, Spring 1982, pp. 14–16
  • Introducing Rudolf Steiner (1983)essay in Towards 2.4, 42, Fall–Winter 1983
  • Orpheus verse drama. (1983) ISBN 978-0-940262-01-0
  • Listening to Steiner (1984) review in Parabola 9.4, 1985, pp. 94–100
  • Reflections on C.S. Lewis, S.T. Coleridge and R. Steiner: An Interview with Barfield (1985) in: Towards 2.6, Spring-Summer 1985, pp. 6–13
  • Owen Barfield on C. S. Lewis (1989) G. B. Tennyson (ed.) ISBN 978-1-59731-100-7
  • The Child and the Giant (1988) short story in: Child and Man: Education as an Art, 22, July 1988, pp. 5–7
    • Das Kind und der Riese — Eine orphische Erzählung (1990) in German, Susanne Lin (trans.)
  • A Barfield Reader: Selections from the Writings of Owen Barfield (1990) G. B. Tennyson (ed.) ISBN 978-0-8195-6361-3
  • A Barfield Sampler: Poetry and Fiction by Owen Barfield (1993) edited by Jeanne Clayton Hunter and Thomas Kranidas ISBN 978-0-7914-1588-7

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