Overhead Line

An overhead line, or overhead wire, is used to transmit electrical energy to trams, trolleybuses or trains at a distance from the energy supply point. It is known variously as

  • Overhead contact system (OCS)
  • Overhead line equipment (OLE or OHLE)
  • Overhead equipment (OHE)
  • Overhead wiring (OHW) or overhead lines (OHL)
  • Catenary

In this article the generic term overhead line is used. This is also the term used by the International Union of Railways.

Overhead line is designed on the principle of one or more overhead wires or rails (particularly in tunnels) situated over rail tracks, raised to a high electrical potential by connection to feeder stations at regular intervals. The feeder stations are usually fed from a high-voltage electrical grid.

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Suez Canal Overhead Line Crossing
... The Suez Canal overhead line crossing is an important electrical power line built across the Suez Canal in 1998, located in the city of Suez, Suez Governorate, Egypt ... Because the required clearance over the Suez Canal is 152 metres, the overhead line has two 221 metre high pylons (one on either side of the crossing) in spite of its small span width of 600 metres ...
HVDC Vancouver Island
... HVDC Vancouver Island consists of three overhead line sections with a total length of 42 kilometres and two submarine cable sections with a length of 33 kilometres ... After its departure of Arnott Substation the overhead power line on the mainland split at 49°3′38″N 123°4′30″W / 49.06056°N 123.075°W / 49.06056 -123.075 (Power ... East), the first submarine cable sections ends and a short overhead line section running southwestly across Galiano Island starts ...
History Of Trams - Electric Trams
... just a testing plant Siemens named it an "elevated line taken down from its pillars and girders" ... This 2 km (2,000 m) line, re-gauged to 2 ft 9 in (840 mm) in 1884, remains in service to this day, and is the oldest operating electric tramway in the world ... the first permanent tram with transmission of electricity by a bipolar overhead line was opened in Austria ...
Overhead Line - History
... In 1881 the first tram with overhead lines was presented by Werner von Siemens on the International Electric Exposition in Paris 1881 but the installation was removed after ... In October 1883, the first permanent tram service with overhead lines was started on Mödling and Hinterbrühl Tram in Austria ... These trams had bipolar overhead lines, consisting of two U-pipes, in which the pantographs hung and ran like shuttles ...
Overhead Line Crossing
... An overhead line crossing is the crossing of an obstacle—such as a traffic route, a river, a valley or a strait—by an overhead power line ... The style of crossing depends on the local conditions and regulations at the time the power line is constructed ... Overhead line crossings can sometimes require extensive construction and can also have operational issues ...

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