Output Voltage

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Trionic T5.5 - Fuel - Fuel Injection - Lambda Correction
... of oxygen in the exhaust fumes is measured through a chemical reaction, this results in an output voltage ... If the engine runs rich (Lambda lower than 1) the output voltage would be more than 0.45 V and if the engine runs lean (Lambda higher than 1) the output ... The output voltage swings about 0.45 V when Lambda passes 1 ...
Current Limiting - In Electronic Power Circuits
... Q1 is the pass or output transistor ... Q2 is the protection transistor which turns on as soon as the voltage across Rsens becomes about 0.65 V ... This voltage is determined by the value of Rsens and the load current through it (Iload) ...
Voltage Droop
... Voltage droop is the intentional loss in output voltage from a device as it drives a load ... Employing droop in a voltage regulation circuit increases the headroom for load transients ... a series resistor is included between the regulator output and the load ...
Constant Voltage Transformer - Example Linear Regulators - Transistor Regulator
... the base of the regulating transistor is directly connected to the voltage reference The stabilizer uses the power source, having voltage Uin that may vary over time ... It delivers the relatively constant voltage Uout ... The output load RL can also vary over time ...
Split-pi Topology
... used in a kind of power converter that can theoretically produce an arbitrary output voltage, either higher or lower than the input voltage ... In practice the upper voltage output is limited to the voltage rating of components used ... The split-pi converter is a type of DC-to-DC converter that has an output voltage magnitude that is either greater than or less than the input voltage magnitude ...

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