Oromo may refer to:

  • Oromo people, an ethnic group in East Africa
  • Oromo language, a Cushitic language spoken by the Oromo people
  • Orama, a Central Asian food

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Shashamene (woreda) - History
... Arsi Oromiffa "hunger"), when the cattle developed diarrhea and "the Oromo in the area ate horse and donkey meat as a result of famine." At that time the inhabitants were primarily ... In 1991, following the flight of President Mengistu Haile Mariam from Ethiopia, Oromo living in Turufe Kecheme kebele drove out non-Oromo settlers in the kebele for ...
Balcha Safo - Biography - Early Career
... Balcha is believed to be of Oromo descent 'Balcha' means 'taming, assimilating or making familiar with' in Afan Oromo ... But there are also many Gurage People who use Oromo names because of their geographical assimilation with the Oromo ...
Ahmad Taqi Sheikh Mohammed Rashid - Career As An Oromo Nationalist
... to those of the landlords of the area, and that being Oromo is not a curse, but a virtue to love ...