Origin of AIDS - Transmission From Non-humans To Humans

Transmission From Non-humans To Humans

Most HIV researchers agree that HIV evolved at some point from the closely related Simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), and that SIV or HIV (post mutation) was transferred from non-human primates to humans in the recent past (as a type of zoonosis). Research in this area is conducted using molecular phylogenetics, comparing viral genomic sequences to determine relatedness.

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Origin Of AIDS - Transmission From Non-humans To Humans - Bushmeat Practice
... plausible explanation for the cross-species transmission" of SIV or HIV (post mutation), the virus was transmitted from an ape or monkey to a human when a hunter or bushmeat vendor/handler was ... A recent serological survey showed that human infections by SIV are not rare in Central Africa the percentage of people showing seroreactivity to antigens ... of adjusting so that they could infect and reproduce in the T cells of a human host ...

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