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Color Support
Red Dash
Orange Jump
Yellow Rider
Green Recovery
Blue Gun
Purple Area

There are a total of 24 playable characters. There is a total of 51 support characters which the player can choose in addition to their playable character. While the support characters are not controllable, they are able to help the player when called out. There are six types of support characters: Dash, Jump, Ride, Recovery, Gun, and Area. Each type of support character has its own advantages and disadvantages in battle.

Each character is assigned support characters. Every character has at least one, but none of them have more than three. In some game modes, the support characters the player can choose from are limited to the ones assigned to that specific character. In most modes, all unlocked support characters are available. There are some exceptions where a support character can never be used by any character other than the one it was assigned to. In some cases, a support character does not even have a character that it is assigned to.

Below is a list of the playable and support characters. Please note that the characters are referred to by the spelling in the game, not the manga or anime.

Character Support Character(s)
1 2 3
Monkey D. Luffy Kung Fu Jugon Wyper
Roronoa Zolo Johnny Yosaku
Sanji Zeff Conis
Nami the Navigator Genzo Waver
Usopp Carrot Pepper Onion
Saw-Tooth Arlong Hachi Kuroobi Choo
Buggy the Clown Mohji and Ritchie the Lion Cabaji
Don Krieg Ghin Pearl
Captain Kuro Django the Hypnotist Siam Butchie
Chaser Tashigi
Red-Haired Shanks Ben Beckman Lucky Roux Yasopp
Hawk-Eye Mihawk Greatest Impact1
Nico Robin Mr. 3 Ms. April Fools' Day Hana Hana Fruit Powers2
Tony Tony Chopper Dr. Kureha Ganfall
Mr. 2 Bon Clay Mr. 4 Ms. Groundhog's Day Lassoo
Mr. 0 Crocodile Mr. 1 Ms. New Year's Eve
Nefeltari Vivi Karoo Pell Chaka
Tashigi Navy A Navy B
Zeff Patty
Wapol Chessmarimo
Portgas D. Trace Trace's Boat3
Eneru Thunderbolt Dragon (Jamboule)4
Kuina Young Zolo
Ohm Shura Gedatz Satori
Pirate A5 Pirate B5


  1. ^ Greatest Impact is a support character available only for Hawk-Eye Mihawk.
  2. ^ Hana-Hana Fruit Powers is a support available only for Nico Robin.
  3. ^ Trace's Boat is a support available only for Portgas D. Trace.
  4. ^ Thunderbolt Dragon (Jamboule) is a support available only for Eneru.
  5. ^ Pirate A and Pirate B are not support characters for any characters but can be found in Usopp's story mode.

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