OMS may refer to:

  • Office Master System - An Enterprise Resource Planning vendor; Office Master System, Inc.
  • Old Millfieldians - alumni of Millfield School; also used as in the OM Society.
  • List of Old Marlburians - alumni of Marlborough College
  • O'Banion Middle School — Garland, TX
  • Odle Middle School — Bellevue, WA
  • Orefield Middle School — Orefield, PA
  • Otte-Blair Middle School — Blair, NE
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits
  • Office of Muqtada al-Sadr
  • One Mission Society - a Christian missionary society
  • Oracle Management Server an executable component of Oracle database servers
  • Manuel de Oms y de Santa Pau - apparatchik in the War of Spanish Succession, Viceroy of Peru
  • Ontario Motor Speedway
  • Open Media Commons
  • Open Metering System a standardization effort in the field of smart meter
  • Open Music System, once widely-used MIDI interface software
  • Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome
  • Optical Multiplex Section, the optical section layer that multiplexes wavelengths within the Optical Transport Network
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Orbital Maneuvering System - rocket engines used on the Space Shuttle orbiters
  • Order Management System
  • Osteopathic Medical Student, a student Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. -I, -II, -III -IV indicate the year in school.
  • Outage management system
  • Organization for the maintenance of supplies
  • Omsætningsafgift, a Danish tax.
  • One Minute Silence, a metal band
  • IATA code for Omsk Tsentralny Airport
  • Oms, Pyrénées-Orientales, a commune in southwestern France
  • Online Marketing Specialist
  • Online Marketing Summit a trade show, conference and workshop for marketing and internet professionals
  • Open Mobile System, the system used by OPhone

Other articles related to "oms":

Alejandro Oms
... Alejandro Oms (March 13, 1896 – November 5, 1946) was a Cuban center fielder in Negro league baseball and Latin American baseball, most notably with the ... Oms played winter ball in the Cuban League from 1922 to 1946 ...
Outage Management System - OMS Based Distribution Reliability Improvements
... An OMS supports distribution system planning activities related to improving reliability by providing important outage statistics ... In this role, an OMS provides the data needed for the calculation of measurements of the system reliability ... An OMS also support the improvement of distribution reliability by providing historical data that can be mined to find common causes, failures and damages ...
Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System
... The Space Shuttle Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS), is a system of hypergolic liquid-propellant rocket engines used on the Space Shuttle ... The OMS consists of two pods mounted on the Orbiter's aft fuselage, on either side of the vertical stabilizer ... set of reaction control system (RCS) engines, and so were referred to as OMS/RCS pods ...
STS-133 - Shuttle Processing - Orbital Maneuvering System Vapor Leak
... propellant line for Discovery's orbital maneuvering system (OMS) engines ... chemicals (the other is an oxidizer, nitrogen tetroxide) used to ignite the OMS engines ... issue required the draining of both the left and right OMS tanks of the shuttle and a unique in-situ repair at the pad to avoid a rollback ...