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In American high school and college basketball, the officials generally wear black and white striped shirts with black side panels(as pictured above), black pants and black shoes. Some state high school association allow officials to wear grey shirts with black pin strips instead of the black and white striped shirts. NBA officials wear gray shirts with black slacks and black shoes. The NBA shirt is grey with black colored shoulders and sleeves, and the NBA logo above the breast. The WNBA referee shirt is similar to the NBA referee shirt, except that its shoulder and sleeve colors are orange and the WNBA logo takes the place of the NBA logo. FIBA officials wear a grey (torso) and black (sleeves) official referee shirt, black trousers, black socks and black shoes. Officials in competitions organized by Euroleague Basketball (company)—the Euroleague and Eurocup—wear an orange referee shirt. Officials in the Israel Basketball Association generally wear the Euroleague's orange uniform shirt, but on occasion, don a royal blue referee shirt for contests between two Israeli teams. Most officials' slacks are currently belt-less, while most officials' shirts are collar-less, V-neck shirts.

All officials wear a whistle that is utilized to stop play as a result of a foul or a violation on the court. In all instances of officiating, hand signals are utilized to indicate the nature of the infraction or to administer the game.

In higher levels of college and professional ball, all officials wear a timing device on the belt-line called PTS (Precision Timing System). The device is used by on court officials to start and stop the game clock in a timely manner, rather than waiting for the scoreboard operator (Time keeper) to do so.

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