ODC may refer to:

  • Obligatory Dangerousness Criterion, a clause in the mental health law of many countries
  • ODC/Dance, a San Francisco based dance company
  • Offshore development center, a business models for offshore programming
  • Opera's DC++ (oDC), which is a DC++-based client for the Direct Connect network
  • Open Data Commons
  • ODBC (Open Database Connectivity, sometimes also abbreviated as ODC), a standard C programming language interface for accessing database management systems
  • Ordinary Decent Criminal (slang)
  • Ornithine decarboxylase, an enzyme
  • Orthogonal Defect Classification
  • Ozone depleting chemical, any chemical substance causing ozone depletion
  • .odc, a file suffix which can identify (inter alia) Microsoft Office "Office Data Connection" files

Other articles related to "odc":

... Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) catalyzes the conversion of ornithine to putrescine in the first and apparently rate-limiting step in polyamine biosynthesis ... The protein encoded by this gene is highly similar to ODC ... It binds to ODC antizyme and stabilizes ODC, thus inhibiting antizyme-mediated ODC degradation ...
Music Is The One-T ODC
... "Music Is The One-T ODC" is the first single taken from One-T's first album, The One-T ODC ...
Optical Downconverter
... Optical DownConverter (ODC) is an example of a non-linear optical process, in which two beams of light of different frequencies and interact ... From a quantum mechanical perspective, ODC can be seen as result of deferencing two photons to produce a microwave ... Since the energy of a photon is given by In a common ODC application, light from a tunable infrared laser is combined with light from a fixed frequency visible laser to ...
... Identifiers Symbols ODC1 ODC External IDs OMIM 165640 MGI 97402 HomoloGene 1906 ChEMBL 1869 GeneCards ODC1 Gene EC number Gene Ontology Molecular function • ornithine decarboxylase activity ...