Obote may refer to:

  • Milton Obote, former president of Uganda
  • Miria Obote, Ugandan politician and widow of Milton Obote
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Miria Obote
... Miria Kalule Obote (born July 16, 1936) is the former First Lady of Uganda, and widow of former Prime Minister and President Milton Obote ... Miria Obote returned to Uganda from Zambia in October 2005 after 20 years in exile, to bury her husband ...
Military History Of Uganda - Disunity and The Ugandan Bush War (1979-1986)
... helped overthrow Amin numbered only 1000, in 1979, Museveni and David Oyite-Ojok, a Langi like Obote, began a massive recruitment of soldiers into what were in-effect their personal armies ... to stop this rapid military expansion, he was deposed by Museveni, Oyite-Ojok and Obote-stalwart Paulo Muwanga ... After Muwanga's rise to power, Obote returned to the country to stand in elections ...
Princess Elizabeth Of Toro - Royal Life & Modeling
... kingdoms, was now the President, with his Prime Minister, Milton Obote ... one year after the coronation of the Omukama Olimi III, Obote attacked the Buganda Palace, sending Sir Edward Muteesa II in exile, and declared himself president ... In 1971 Milton Obote was overthrown by General Idi Amin ...
Military History Of Uganda - Early Independent Uganda (1963-1970)
... Obote was forced to request the assistance of the British military in putting down the revolt, but ultimately caved in to all of the demands ... Obote also chose a young army officer, Idi Amin Dada, as his personal protege ... Later that year, Obote made a deal with several DP ministers in which they would cross the floor to join the UPC if Obote could return the "lost counties" ...