Nova Stone

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List Of Di-Gata Defenders Characters - Antagonists - Lord Nazmul
... Seth then used the Nova Stone's secondary function(The Nova Prison) and sealed Nazmul's spirit away inside the Nova Stone As of the end of Season 1, Nazmul's ... out how to free him from the confines of the Nova Stone, until they kidnapped Brim ... to the Bi'Yani Mountains to retrieve a crystal that has the power to shatter the Nova Stone ...
Di-Gata Defenders - Henge/Champion Stones
... Phase Stone The Phase stone was owned by Adam and given to Melosa in "The Town that Time Forgot", as a parting gift ... The spell on this stone is cast when tossed into an inanimate object or wall ... The stone can be recovered while shifting ...
List Of Di-Gata Defenders Characters - Secondary Characters - Allies To The Defenders - Brim
... The carver of the Pure Stones ... what he held for human life and at Seth's request, he carved the Vitus stone ... Outside, he took off on his jetpack, with the Nova stone from Seth that he used to create the Vitus stone ...

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    Why was I not made of stone like these?
    Sonya Levien (1895–1960)

    I’m a Nova Scotia bluenose. Since I was a baby, I’ve been watching men look at ships. It’s easy to tell the ones they like. You’re only waiting to get her into deep water, aren’t you—because she’s yours.
    John Rhodes Sturdy, Canadian screenwriter. Richard Rossen. Joyce Cartwright (Ella Raines)