Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists

The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists (NITO) is the largest union in engineering in Norway with approximately 64,000 members. NITO has 21 regional branches covering the country and over 2,000 local clubs and shop stewards. Most of the working members are affiliated to a local club. The local clubs or workshops are organisationally placed directly under the regional branches. With a few exceptions the branches follow Norway’s county borders.

NITO was established in 1936 and is an independent, non-affiliated, and non-political union.

NITO is led by a Board of Representatives. The daily work of the union is carried out by shop stewards and elected union representatives at different organisational levels; by the secretariat and main office in Oslo, consisting of the General Secretary and 75 employees; and by the 23 employees who run the branch offices.

The member spread is as follows:

  • Private sector: approximately 25,200
  • Local and county authorities, local electricity boards: approximately 5,700
  • NAVO Health sector: approximately 4,600
  • Civil Service: approximately 4,300
  • NAVO: approximately 1,100
  • Self-employed approximately 600
  • Pensioners: approximately 5,800
  • Student members: approximately 5,200
  • Others: approximately 1,050

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