Norwegian National Road - Extreme Records of Norwegian National Roads

Extreme Records of Norwegian National Roads

Record Route measue end points / location
Longest European route in Norway E 6 2627.9 km Svinesund - Kirkenes
Longest European route running partially through Norway E 75 4340 km Vardø - Sitia in Greece
Shortest European route in Norway E 105 15 km Kirkenes - Storskog border
Shortest other national road Rv 562 32 m Nøstetorget in Bergen
Highest national road mountain pass Rv 7 1.250 m AMSL Hardangervidda
Longest national road tunnel E 16 24.510 m Lærdal Tunnel (world record)
Longest national road bridge E 18 1892 m Drammen Bridge
Longest domestic ferry stretch Rv 80 192 km (8–9 hours) Bodø - Røst - Værøy - Moskenes
National road with the most ferry stretches (domestically) E 39 8 Trondheim - Kristiansand

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