Norwalk is the name of several places in the United States of America:

  • Norwalk, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, and the largest and most populous city named Norwalk
  • Norwalk, Connecticut, a city in southwestern Connecticut that contains several neighborhoods including Central Norwalk, East Norwalk, South Norwalk, and West Norwalk
    • The Norwalk River running through southwestern Connecticut
    • The Norwalk Harbor at the mouth of the river in southwestern Connecticut
    • The Norwalk Islands in Long Island Sound off the coast of Connecticut
  • Norwalk, Iowa, near Des Moines
  • Norwalk, Michigan, in Brown Township
  • Norwalk, Ohio
  • Norwalk, Wisconsin

Norwalk may also refer to:

  • Norwalk Community College in southwestern Connecticut
  • Norwalk Hospital in southwestern Connecticut
  • Norwalk Hydraulic Press, a juice-making machine invented by Norman W. Walker
  • Norwalk virus, an early name for the Norovirus
  • Norwalk Agreement, an agreement between FASB and IASB

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... The Central or Midtown section of Norwalk, Connecticut is an urbanized area in roughly the geographic center of the city, north of the South Norwalk neighborhood and the ... It has also been called "Downtown Norwalk" ... Midtown is the location of a state courthouse, the Norwalk post office, the Norwalk YMCA, Norwalk Library and the River View Mall ...
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... Spring Hill is a section of Norwalk, Connecticut named after the hill on which most of the neighborhood sits ... The neighborhood is located west of the Central section of Norwalk, across U.S ... Norwalk Hospital is on the eastern edge of the neighborhood ...
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72°45′42″W / 41.26306°N 72.76167°W / 41.26306 -72.76167 Betts Island Norwalk 41°04′13″N 73°23′29″W / 41.07028°N 73.391. 41.32278°N 73.50583°W / 41.32278 -73.50583 Lake Naraneka Chimon Island Norwalk 41°03′57″N 73°23′30″W / 41.06583°N 73.39167°W / 41.06583 -73.39167 Part of. 71.95417°W / 41.32889 -71.95417 Dog Island Norwalk 41°03′30″N 73°24′35″W / 41.05833°N 73.40972°W / 41.05833 -73.40972 Part of Norwalk Islands Dogfish ...