Northern Court

The Northern Court (北朝, hokuchō?), also known as the "Ashikaga Pretenders" or "Northern Pretenders", were a set of six pretenders to the throne of Japan during the Nanboku-chō period from 1336 through 1392. The present Japanese Imperial Family is descended of the Northern Court Emperors.

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Jinnō Shōtōki - Analysis
... and thereby attempt to justify the legitimacy of the Southern Court ... encouraged the faction supporting the Southern Court during the Nanboku-chō period ... was all the more important because of the relative weakness of the Southern Court in its extended military campaign against the Northern Court armies ...
Northern Court - Re-unification of Imperial Courts - Southern Court Emperors
... These are the Nanchō or Southern Court emperors Emperor Go-Daigo 1336–1339 ... Emperor Go-Murakami 1339–1368 ...
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1390) was a samurai who fought for the Southern Court in Japan's Nanboku-chō Wars, and is famed for his skills as a leader and military strategist, though he later sought a ... Masanori continued to oppose the armies of the Northern Court, Ashikaga clan pretenders to the throne ... the fact that he was not pursued, and that the Northern Court army did not engage in further actions in the nearby areas immediately afterwards is ...
Ancient Japan - Feudal Japan (1185–1868) - Muromachi Period
... This became the new capital of the Northern Court ... then, moved to the town of Yoshino and established the new capital of the Southern Court there. 1392) of the Muromachi period are known as the Nanboku-chō (Northern and Southern court) period because the imperial court was split in two ...

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