Northern Bank

Northern Bank

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In common with the other Big Four banks of Northern Ireland, the Northern Bank retains the right to issue its own banknotes. These are pound sterling notes and equal in value to Bank of England notes, and should not be confused with banknotes of the former Irish pound.

Most Northern Bank banknotes feature an illustration on the reverse side of the portico of Belfast City Hall, sculpted by F. W. Pomeroy. The front of most notes depict a range of notable people associated with industry in Northern Ireland. The designs currently in circulation are:

  • 5 pound polymer note featuring the U.S. space shuttle
  • 10 pound note featuring J. B. Dunlop
  • 20 pound note featuring Harry Ferguson
  • 50 pound note featuring Sir Samuel Cleland Davidson, founder of the Belfast Sirocco Works and pioneer of air conditioning
  • 100 pound note featuring Sir James Martin, inventor of the aircraft ejector seat,

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK to have issued a plastic banknote. This is the Northern Bank's Year 2000 commemorative £5 banknote, which was printed in Australia.

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