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A designated standard of average performance of people of a given age, background, etc.

  • Norm (artificial intelligence), a set of statements used to regulate artificial intelligence software
  • Norm (philosophy), sentences within philosophy with practical implications
  • Norm (social), expected patterns of behaviour and belief, often studied in sociology, social psychology, and a myriad of other academic fields
  • Peremptory norm, a fundamental principle of international law which is accepted by the international community of states as a norm from which no derogation is ever permitted
  • Norm, a statistical concept in psychometrics representing the aggregate responses of a standardized and representative group are established for a test, against which a subject is compared
  • NORM, an abbreviation for naturally occurring radioactive materials
  • NORM, an acronym coined by Chambers and Trudgill (1980) to refer to a group speakers frequently used in dialect studies ("non-mobile older rural males")

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