NLM may stand for:

  • National Liberation Movement
  • NetWare Loadable Module, an add-in that can be downloaded with a network protocol
  • Network Lock Manager, a computer communications protocol used with the NFS (Network File System)
  • New Libertarian Manifesto, a treatise
  • NLM CityHopper, a Dutch commuter airline and subsidiary of KLM
  • Norwegian Lutheran Mission, a Christian missionary organization
  • United States National Library of Medicine, a biomedical library in the United States and part of the National Institutes of Health

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... Phase II clinical trials gauge efficacy, and Phase III trials confirm it (NLM) Effectiveness ... (NLM) Empirical Based on experimental data, not on a theory ... (NLM) Endpoint In clinical trials, an event or outcome that can be measured objectively to determine whether the intervention being studied is beneficial ...
Albanian Resistance During World War II - Foreign Participation - Allied Links and Assistance
... After several false starts, the mission made contact with the NLM ... The bulk of the stores received in this and subsequent drops were donated to the NLM, who were the dominant group in Southern Albania, and were used to equip the "First ... Although they noted that the Communist-led NLM appeared to be more interested in securing political power after the war than fighting the Germans, they recommended that SOE ...
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... Blue Airlines (2004–2005) Nederlanske Wereld Verkeer Maatschappij Netherlines (merged with NLM Cityhopper 1990) NLM Cityhopper (aka NLM Airlines) Quick ...
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