Nick Tells Demarco

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Heat (1986 Film) - Plot Summary
... Next morning, it turns out that the drunk is Nick Escalante, known to his friends as Mex, who has been hired to make Osgood look tough in his lady's eyes ... Nick is a former soldier of fortune, lethal with his hands and an expert with weapons, in particular sharp objects ... Nick's goal is to make enough money to leave Vegas and move to Venice, Italy for good ...

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    His pain was too great. He begged me for the simple mercy of death. And I could do nothing else but help him leave a world that had become a sleepless, tortured nightmare to him.
    Robert D. Andrews, and Nick Grindé. Dr. John Garth (Boris Karloff)

    White man tells me—hunh—
    Damn yo’ soul;
    White man tells me—hunh—
    Damn yo’ soul;
    Got no need, bebby,
    To be tole.
    Sterling Allen Brown (b. 1901)