New Flemish Alliance

The New Flemish Alliance (Dutch: Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, N-VA) is a Flemish right-wing political party, founded in the autumn of 2001. It is a conservative and liberal movement that promotes civic nationalism. It is part of the Flemish Movement, and strives for the peaceful and gradual secession of Flanders from Belgium.

The party is also known for its insistence on the exclusive use of Dutch, Flanders' sole official language, in dealings with government agencies, and for the promotion of the use of Dutch in Flanders as the language enabling integration. They currently participate in the Flemish Government, in coalition with the Christian democratic CD&V and socialist sp.a.

After initially struggling with the election threshold, the N-VA operated as part of an alliance with CD&V. They ran together in the 2004 regional elections and 2007 federal elections, winning both. The alliance ended in 2008 due to lack of progression in state reform negotiations, leaving the regional government and running separately in 2009 in the Flemish election, winning sixteen seats, and European election, winning one seat. It joined the regional government again and currently holds two out of nine minister seats in the cabinet.

As of the 2010 federal elections the party gained a substantial plurality in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium with 28% of the votes in Flanders and 17% of the national vote, becoming the largest party in both Flanders and Belgium altogether. This was the first time in which a non-traditional political party dominated the outcome of a Belgian election.

The main objective of the party is to work on great institutional reforms by gradually obtaining more powers for both Belgian communities separately. Furthermore, it emphasizes its non-revolutionary and pro-European character (as opposed to the far-right character of the Vlaams Belang) in order to legitimize increased Flemish autonomy.

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