Nemo is a Latin word meaning "no man" or "no one". "Nemo" may also refer to:

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Nemo, South Dakota
... Nemo is an unincorporated community in Lawrence County, South Dakota, United States ... Although not tracked by the Census Bureau, Nemo has been assigned the ZIP code of 57759 ...
Little Nemo (disambiguation)
... Little Nemo is the title character in a series of weekly comic strips that appeared in newspapers from 1905 – 1914 ... Little Nemo may also refer to Little Nemo (band), a French rock band Little Nemo (1911 film) Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland, a 1989 animated film ...
List Of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Characters - N - Captain Nemo
... Nemo died on April 12, 1910, and was succeeded by his daughter, Janni (Jenny Diver) ... Furthermore, on request of his death, Nemo's skull was nailed to the forecastle of the Nautilus, which the vessel was painted black ...
Little Nemo (band)
... Little Nemo is a French rock band ... of Sydney (Vallée de Chevreuse), Little Nemo is a French band recognized by the British Association of Music ... of the band was directly inspired by the comic Little Nemo in Slumberland ...
The Centaurs - Work - Style
... effect, as in the second instalment of Little Nemo (October 22, 1905), where the size of the panels grow to adapt to the growing forest of mushrooms in the story ... the fantastic illusions in his drawings, particularly in Little Nemo ... Most prominent were the Little Nemo characters, the ill-tempered Irishman, Flip, and the rarely-speaking African, the Little Imp ...

Famous quotes containing the word nemo:

    Nitrates and phosphates for ammunition. The seeds of war. They’re loading a full cargo of death. And when that ship takes it home, the world will die a little more.
    Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason)

    There is hope for the future. When the world is ready for a new and better life all this will some day come to pass in God’s good time.
    Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason)

    You were sent to get food, not treasure. You can’t eat pieces of eight.... You place an absurd value on the cheapest of human commodities.
    Earl Felton, and Richard Fleischer. Captain Nemo (James Mason)