Nauvoo Legion

The Nauvoo Legion was a state authorized militia of the city of Nauvoo, Illinois. With growing antagonism from surrounding settlements it came to have as its main function the defence of the city of Nauvoo, Illinois, and surrounding Mormon areas of settlement. To curry political favor with the Saints?, the Illinois state legislature granted Nauvoo a liberal city charter that gave the Nauvoo Legion extraordinary independence. Led by Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement and mayor of Nauvoo, the Legion quickly became a formidable concentration of military power in the American West. In 1844, after a controversy stemming from the Nauvoo city council's suppression of a Nauvoo newspaper critical of Smith and his church's policies, Smith mobilized the Legion and declared martial law. Arrested for treason, Smith was assassinated by a mob. Soon thereafter, the Nauvoo charter was revoked, and the Nauvoo Legion lost its official sanction as an arm of the Illinois militia.

After the revocation of the Nauvoo Charter, the unsanctioned Nauvoo Legion continued to operate under the command of Brigham Young, leader of the movement's largest faction, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Young led the Latter-day Saints to what later became the Territory of Utah. In Utah the Territorial militia used the name of Nauvoo Legion. It was mobilized in opposition to the hostile invasion of the territory by the United States Army during the Utah War. It was permanently disbanded in 1887 as part of the Edmunds-Tucker Act, which disincorporated the LDS Church under the guise of punishing it for its practice of polygamy.

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... Among the powers granted to the City of Nauvoo under its city charter was the authority to create a "body of independent militarymen." This force was a militia, and it ... Although the charter authorizing the Nauvoo Legion created an independent militia, it could be used by the state governor, the President of the United ... Joseph Smith himself was Nauvoo's second mayor, and Nauvoo also appointed him highest ranking officer of the Legion, a Lieutenant General ...
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... However, the Nauvoo Legion itself resurfaced to prominence soon after Brigham Young led the first band of Mormons to Utah, then called Deseret, in 1847 ... Under territorial law, the Nauvoo Legion became the territorial militia in 1852 although it retained its name ... such as the attack at Battle Creek, Utah, foreshadowed the 1853-1854 Walker War between the Nauvoo Legion and Indians led by Chief Walkara ("Walker") ...
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... counselor, and Robert Foster, a general of the Nauvoo Legion, disagreed with Smith about how to manage Nauvoo's economy ... On June 7, 1844, the dissidents published the first (and only) issue of the Nauvoo Expositor, calling for reform within the church ... Fearing the newspaper might bring the countryside down on the Mormons, the Nauvoo city council declared the Expositor a public nuisance and ordered the Nauvoo Legion to destroy the press ...
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... One of his first acts was to disband the Nauvoo Legion, Utah's territorial militia ... The Nauvoo Legion refused at first to comply and things came to a head at the 4th of July Parade in 1871 where the Legion had always marched ... The Legion blinked first and the confrontation ended ...
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... him to help Smith craft a city charter for Nauvoo Based closely on the Springfield, Illinois, charter, the document gave the city a number of important powers, including the ... After the charter was passed, Bennett was elected Nauvoo's first mayor and Smith made Bennett a member of the church's First Presidency ... A militia unit, named the "Nauvoo Legion" was established, and Smith and Bennett were made its commanding generals ...

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