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Steve Holliday - Career
... He joined National Grid Group as the Board Director responsible for the UK and Europe in March 2001 ... Following the merger between National Grid Group plc and Lattice Group plc in October 2002, he took responsibility for the Group's electricity and gas transmission businesses ... He has been chief executive of National Grid plc since January 2007 ...
Control Of The National Grid - Short Term and Instantaneous Load and Generation Response Mechanisms - Standing Reserve - Diesel Generators in The National Grid Reserve Service
... UK National Grid uses load reduction and diesel generators in private hands, primarily used for emergency power during power failure, but with a secondary role to assist the National Grid ... all started and feeding power into the grid within four minutes from receiving the start signal from National Grid ...
National Grid - Other Uses
... National Grid for Learning, a former UK government-funded educational programme. ...
Control Of The National Grid
... The National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network in Great Britain, connecting power stations and major substations, and has a synchronized organization such that electricity generated anywhere ... The National Grid is controlled from the National Grid Control Centre which is located in St Catherine's Lodge, Sindlesham, Wokingham in Berkshire in South East England ... The national grid of the United Kingdom is required to distribute electric power generated in bulk to various grid supply points located across the UK and, in so doing, has to be able to match the supply ...
Control Of The National Grid - Diesel Generators - Triads
... opportunity and a way of assessing National Grid high voltage transmission costs ... Service, where the diesels can earn substantial amounts by reducing a site's peak demand at National Grid peak periods ... This is because the way the National Grid is paid for is by means of a capacity, not energy, charge (i.e ...

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