Myth Busters (2009 Season) - Episode 116 – Banana Slip/Double Dip - Double Dipping

Double Dipping

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The act of double dipping a chip (and therefore transferring microbes from one's mouth into the dip on the second pass) is the equivalent of putting all of the dip directly into one's mouth. The myth was inspired by the Seinfeld episode "The Implant". Busted In their experiment, the MythBusters used chips with regular dip and salsa. In the control test, they put the untouched dip and salsa into petri dishes, and followed with double dipped dip and salsa, and finally dip and salsa that had been put in Adam and Jamie's mouths. However, when they examined their results, they found that the dip and salsa were already loaded with microbes. For a more accurate experiment, the MythBusters were forced to sterilize all their testing materials with radiation and create a sterile environment. Examining the results, the MythBusters found that double dipping produced less microbes than putting all the dip in a person's mouth. Also, the amount of microbes present was negligible compared to the amount found in regular dip.

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