Motor Neurons

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Chromatolysis - Associated Diseases - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
... Central chromatolysis has been observed in spinal anterior horn and motor neurons of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ... Changes to the function of the motor neurons have also been observed ... The most typical functional change in chromatolytic motor neurons is the significant reduction in size of the monosynaptic excitatory postsynaptic potentials (EP ...
Development Of Nervous System - Neurotrophic Factors
... The survival of neurons is regulated by survival factors, called trophic factors ... the developing chick led to an increase in the number of spinal motor neurons ... extra limb was inducing proliferation of motor neurons, but he and his colleagues later showed that there was a great deal of motor neuron death during normal ...
Alpha Motor Neuron - Signaling
... Like other neurons, α-MNs transmit signals as action potentials, rapid changes in electrical activity that propagate from the cell body to the end of the axon ... from the chemical synapses that connect neurons to each other ... One way they differ is that synapses between neurons typically use glutamate or GABA as their neurotransmitters, while the neuromuscular junction uses acetylcholine exclusively ...
Lower Motor Neuron
... Lower motor neurons (LMNs) are the motor neurons connecting the brainstem and spinal cord to muscle fibers, bringing the nerve impulses from the upper motor neurons out to the muscles ... A lower motor neuron's axon terminates on an effector (muscle) ...
Stem Cell Treatments - Potential Treatments - Spinal-cord Injury
... differentiation of transplanted cells into new neurons and oligodendrocytes- the latter of which forms the myelin sheath around axons of the central nervous system, thus insulating neural impulses and ... human blastocyst stem cells into neural stem cells, then into pre-mature motor neurons, and finally into spinal motor neurons, the cell type that, in the human body, transmits messages from the brain to ... The newly generated motor neurons exhibited electrical activity, the signature action of neurons ...

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