Lobe may refer to:

  • Lobe (anatomy)
  • Lobation, a characteristic of the nucleus of certain biological cells
  • Glacial lobe, a lobe-shaped glacier
  • Sidelobe, an identifiable segment of an antenna radiation pattern
    • Grating lobe, a sidelobe that is much higher than all other side lobes, approximately the same as the main beam — exists only in phased arrays
    • Main lobe
  • Acoustic lobe, radiation pattern exhibited by multi-driver loudspeakers
  • Lobe, a large-scale structure of a radio galaxy
  • Roche lobe, the region of space around a star in a binary system within which orbiting material is gravitationally bound to that star
  • Lobe, an oblong protrusion from a camshaft

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Archaeaspis - Key To The Species
... in front of the sides of the glabella is at most 1¼× as wide as the most backward lobe of the glabella (occipital ring or L0) ... The eye ridge (or ocular lobe) is directed backwards and slightly outwards (the line between the posterior tip of the ocular lobe and the junction of the interior margin and the frontal lobe of the ... The tangent of the ocular lobe is directed backwards and substantially outward at 35°- 45° ...
... of the brain Lobectomy, surgical excision of a lobe (such as a brain lobe or lung lobe) ...
Leonardo Bianchi
... is remembered for his studies and experiments of the frontal lobe ... monkeys and dogs, after he surgically removed (ablation) the animals' frontal lobe ... He concluded from his experiments that the frontal lobe had more functionality than previously believed ...
Archaeaspis - Description
... The frontal lobe of the glabella (because it is counted from the back, it is numbered L4) is as long as the most backward lobe (L0), less than in the other Olenellina ... The eye ridges (or ocular lobes) contact, but do not merge with, the entire frontal margin of the glabella ... In Archaeaspis the frontal lobe of the glabella (L4) does not contact the anterior forder furrow, but is connected with it by a ridge at midline (called plectrum) ...
Lobe - Family Name
... Adolf Lobe (1860–1939), German jurist and member of the Reichstag in the Weimar Republic Kārlis Lobe (1895–1985), Latvian collaborationist with the Nazis Mira Lobe (1913–1995), Austrian author ...