Mot (TV Series)

Mot (TV Series)

Mot is a French children's animated television series about a purple monster. Based on the children's comics by Alfonso Azpiri, Mot is from the Monstrous Organicus Telluricus family. The series follows Mot's adventures with his human friend Leo.

Mot has the amazing ability to teleport himself from one universe to another with delicious ease, but not always with great accuracy.

In order to voyage through time and space, Mot simply has to find a door opening onto a tiny space equipped with a movable panel, and he arrives unexpectedly in his friend Leo's room via the wardrobe door. The show ran from 1996 to 1997 and was rebroadcast in the US, France and Australia throughout the '90s.

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Mot (TV Series) - Comics
... A previously Orange Motwould teleport Leo to parallel Universes,where they would confront various,usually threatening,situations before returning Home ... was published in French from 1988 to 1993,With five volumes being produced,Alfonso stopped work on the highly successful Mot the Monster' ... Publication date 1991 Leo is confronted by a Monster'in his Closet,Mot over eager to make a new friend causes much havoc and destruction through Leo'sHouse ...