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Mot (Gérard Rinaldi); The principal character of the series and a member of the Monstrous Organicus Telluricus race. He is a teleporting purple monster who generally started episodes by transporting himself into Leo's wardrobe.

Leo (Christophe Lemoine, and later Mathias Kozlowski); As the main human character, Leo partook in all of Mot's adventures. He is Mot's best friend even though he often gets into trouble because of their relationship. It is revealed in the final episode, when Mot travels forward in time, that Leo will become a successful businessman, but is still excited to see his old friend after many years.

Diane (Dominique Vallée & Barbara Tissier); Leo's girlfriend, she is ignorant of Mot's existence but often suspects Leo is hiding something from her. She comes close to discovering Mot on numerous occasions.

Leo's Parents (Mother;Sophie Deschaumes & Father; Cyrille Artaux); Leo's parents are typically clueless to the existence of Mot and often blame Leo for the trouble Mot causes.

Aunt Zelda (Valentine Quintin): Leo's neighbour who constantly seeks to discover what exactly he is hiding from her. She spies on Leo and Mot using binoculars and by hiding behind hedges, trash cans and such. Unfortunately due to her record of unfounded complaints the police no longer take her phone calls seriously and Mot and Leo travel unabaited.

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