Moravian refers to:

  • a person or thing related to Moravia (eastern part of the Czech Republic)
  • Moravians (ethnic group), Slavic ethnic group inhabiting Moravia
  • Moravian dialects, dialects of Czech spoken in Moravia, sometimes considered a distinct Moravian language
  • Moravané ("The Moravians"), a political party in the Czech Rep. favouring the autonomy or independence of Moravia
  • a member or adherent of the Moravian Church, German-American Protestant denomination, successor to the Unity of the Brethren
  • a student of Moravian Academy, a private school in Pennsylvania
  • a student of Moravian College, a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania
  • an inhabitant of the Scottish Moray, especially the historic Mormaer of Moray

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Moravian Traditional Music
... Moravian traditional music represents a part of the European musical culture connected with the regions around the western Carpathian Mountains ... Many styles of Moravian traditional music exist, varying by location and function, but much of it is characterized by a specific melodic and harmonic texture related to the Eastern European musical world ... Moravian folk bands are mainly centered around a string section and a large cimbalom, which are often complemented by other instruments ...
Christian Renatus Von Zinzendorf - Historical Perspective
... his death, Christel was looked upon as a failure by Moravian historians and scholars, who saw him as weak, effeminate, ineffectual and a grave disappointment to his father whose trust he had betrayed ... The only way most Moravians of the nineteenth and twentieth-centuries knew him was by the inclusion of several of his hymns in various Moravian hymnals, the most famous being “My Redeemer, overwhelmed with anguish ... documents remain in either in the major Moravian archives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania or Herrnhut, Germany ...
Moravian Language - Dialects - Eastern Moravian
... Eastern Moravian dialects are spoken in the strip of land extending from Břeclav to Hodonín, Kyjov, Uherské Hradiště, Zlín and Vsetín ... two dialects of specific interest, the Moravian Wallachian dialect (Czech valašské nářečí, valašština) and the Moravian-Slovak dialect (Czech slovácké náře ... Features of Eastern Moravian dialects include The distinction between hard l and soft ł (pronounced ) is usually retained (hlava, dělat > hłava, děłat) ...