Morales - People


  • Amado Morales (born 1947), Puerto Rican javelin thrower
  • Carlos Adrián Morales, Mexican football (soccer) player
  • Carlos Luis Morales, Ecuadorian football (soccer) goalkeeper
  • Carlos Morales Santos, Paraguayan football (soccer) player
  • Carlos Morales Troncoso, Dominican politician, current foreign minister
  • Carlos Morales (American soccer), Puerto Rican football (soccer) player
  • Carlos Morales (Peruvian artist), Peruvian artist
  • Carlos Morales (athlete), Chilean track and field sprinter
  • Carlos Morales (pornographic actor), performer in gay porn films
  • Daniel Morales (disambiguation)
  • David Morales (musician) (born 1961), New York-based American DJ and music producer
  • David Sánchez Morales (1925-1978), a CIA operative
  • Enrique Martín Morales, known as Ricky Martin, Grammy Award Winning Puerto Rican pop singer
  • Eduardo Morales Miranda, Chilean physician and founder of Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Erik Morales (born 1976), Mexican professional boxer
  • Esai Morales (born 1962), Puerto Rican actor
  • Evo Morales (born 1959), President of Bolivia
  • Fernando Morales (born 1982), Puerto Rican volleyball player
  • Florencio Morales Ramos (1915–1989), Puerto Rican singer, trovador and composer
  • Francisco Morales (born 1971), Argentine judoka
  • Frank Morales (born 1949), New York City-based American priest and journalist
  • Jacobo Morales (born 1934), Puerto Rican actor
  • Javier Morales (born 1980), Argentinian football (soccer) player
  • Juan Bautista Morales (c.1597–1664), Spanish Dominican missionary
  • José Morales (born 1944), American baseball player
  • Kendrys Morales (born 1983), American baseball player
  • Luis Morales (born 1964), Puerto Rican track and field sprinter
  • Manolo Rivera Morales (1934–1996), Puerto Rican sportscaster
  • Mario Morales (born 1960), Puerto Rican basketball player
  • Mark Morales (aka Prince Markie D), American dance music producer
  • Natalie Morales American journalist for NBC.
  • Pablo Morales (born 1962) American Olympic swimmer, Gold and Silver medalist
  • : Pedro Morales
  • Rags Morales, American comic book artist
  • Ramón Morales (born 1975), Mexican professional footballer
  • Ramón A. Morales Quijano former Panamanian Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Dr. Ramón Villeda Morales (1908–1971), President of Honduras
  • Ricardo Morales (born 1972), Philadelphia-based American musician
  • Rodolfo Morales (1925–2001), Mexican artist
  • Ron Morales, Filipino model and actor
  • Vina Morales, Filipino singer and act

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