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Minor Characters

  • Angel (Anjinho) – As the name suggests, he is the guardian angel of Monica's Gang. He lives on the clouds high up above (presumably heaven). Acting more like a superhero, he is constantly called to help children under his guard, including Monica and all her friends. He also works like an advice-giver to the gang. The problem is that is impossible to him to protect all the kids from the confusions they always get involved in. Sometimes he eventually gets himself involved in these confusions. His most recurring gag is the many different ways that the gang will use to call him down (most usually Monica), which often gets Angel injured or scared.
  • Bloguinho (literally Little Blog) – This recently introduced character is a computer-addicted child. His speech balloons are written with internet slangs and emoticons. He was introduced as Teveluisão's little brother, who is a television addicted adolescent (see below). In addition, his hair is a simple "@".
  • Blu (Bidu)
  • Bucky (Titi) – Bucky is as toothy as Monica, but his friends hardly make fun of that. Bucky dates Isabel, but hangs around with any girls he sees, just like Curly. He sometimes ends up alone and hated by his ex-girlfriends, because he dates so many girls that it becomes impossible for him to hide one from the others.
  • Doreen (Dorinha) – Another recently introduced character, a blind girl. As she is blind since birth, she doesn't know the shape of things, so she often just imagines. Her remaining senses are very precise, though.
    • Radar – Doreen's guide dog, Radar is very loyal to his owner. He is a Labrador.
  • Dustine (Cascuda) – Smudge's girlfriend. Although she was created only to be Smudge's lover, he sometimes chases other girls. Unlike Smudge, she does take the odd shower, (much to Smudge's despair) just not often.
  • Franklin(Franjinha)- The brainy one of the group, this budding young scientist and inventor concocts all sorts of things in his home laboratory, not always with success. He's in love with Marina, and later wins her hear in the offshoot series Monica Teen. Blu is his pet.
  • Hummer (Humberto) – Hummer suffers from muteness, which means all he can do to communicate is to murmur "hmm-hmm". In some strips, it is stated that he is also deaf, and that he reads people's lips to understand what they are saying.
  • Isabel (Aninha) – Bucky’s main girlfriend. She sometimes discovers his many betrayals, but in the end, she forgives her non-loyal boyfriend. She is very jealous of him, but Bucky still manages to date other girls while Isabel’s not watching over him.
  • Jeremiah (Jeremias) – One of Bucky’s best friends, and one of Mauricio's few Afro-Brazilian characters. At first, he was drawn in a strong black color, but nowadays, his color is a softer brown.
  • Junior (Dudu) - One of those little kids who’s fussy about food and almost never wants to eat what’s put on the table. He and Maggy make perfect pals because she always helps him finish eating the food his mom makes for him with such dedication.
  • Lord Big Rabbit (Lorde Coelhão) – One of the gang’s most famous (and harmless) enemies. First appeared on the movie A Princesa e o Robô (The Princess and the Robot). He is based on Darth Vader, and hails from the planet Cenourando (a joke with the Portuguese word for carrot, "cenoura"). He commands a great army of "coelhoides" (a portmanteau from the Portuguese words "Coelho" (rabbit) and "Androide" (Android). His main assistant is "Zoiudo" (a Brazilian slang for "big-eyed"), a flying being who does nothing but repeat the orders given by his master. But he’s also a good spy.
  • Luca – Also called "Da Roda" (of the wheel, due to his wheel chair), this recently introduced character is paralytic. He is very active, though. He plays basketball, and performs tricks on his chair, just like a skateboarder. The girls find him a very cute boy, especially Monica (much to Jimmy's annoyance).
  • Marina – One of the few characters whose English and Portuguese names are equal. She was based on one of Mauricio daughters, also called Marina. Both Marinas are addicted to painting and drawing. Marina caught Franklin’s eyes, who fell in love with her. Still, she’s not interested in dating him nor anyone else (although she does so in the offshoot series Monica Teen).
  • Nick Nope (Do Contra) – "Agreed", "equal" and its derivates are words missing in Nick’s vocabulary. He likes to do everything his way, or in other words, in reverse of the normal way. He likes to eat strange foods, like salty ice creams, rice with pieces of water melon, and anything that may show up in his mind. He is Nimbus' brother. Like Marina, he is based on one of Mauricio’s sons (also called Mauricio).
  • Nimbus – Another of Mauricio’s few characters whose name remains the same in both Portuguese and English versions. He is very interested in meteorology, and fears thunders and storms, just like Smudge. The only difference is that he still likes water. He is also a magician, and all girls find him cute. He is Nick Nope's brother. Like Marina and Nick Nope, he was also based on one of Mauricio’s sons (Mauro). .
  • Ronaldinho Gaúcho
  • Mr. Juca (Seu Juca) – This character appears doing a different job every strip. He changes jobs so frequently because Monica and her friends always try to help him with his work, but Juca tries to stop them, and this generates a great confusion, which always leads to Juca’s loss of his job, and also to his insanity, so that his second home is the psychiatric hospital.
  • Keika The female Japanese Brazilian character in the comics. She entered in the comics with her brother Tikara, in May 2008's Monica comic as the commemorative mascot for the 100 year anniversary of Japanese immigration to Brazil.
  • Professor Spada/Doctor Spam (Professor Spada (an Italian-descent surname meaning sword)/Doutor Spam) – The newest enemy of Monica's gang, introduced in 2005, he is the only character who owns two double personalities. When Professor Spada, he is a gentle, happy computer technician. But if eventually he is hit by a short circuit, he becomes the evil Doctor Spam, who can travel through the internet, which means he can be in any part of the globe in within some seconds, to disseminate computer viruses.
  • Specs (Zé Luís) – The oldest of the gang. When Monica first appeared, she was said to be his little sister, but as she gained more notability among the gang, she earned her own family. Specs likes reading and studying, but also finds time to hang with his friends and girls.
  • Sunny (Xaveco) – The main characteristic of this boy is not having any characteristic, at all. He is always referred to as “the secondary character”, and the main characters always make fun of his apparent “uselessness”. He constantly attempts to "elevate" his rank to that of a main character, a trait which he transfers to his teen vervion in the offshoot series Monica Teen. He is also the only of the gang to have divorced parents.
  • Teveluisão (a portmanteau of the Portuguese words "Televisão" (Television), "Luís", and "Luisão" (Big Luís)) – As his name suggests, he is addicted to television, and spends all day in front of it. His friend Specs always tells him that this is not healthy, and forces him to the outdoors. He is Bloguinho's older brother.
  • Tikara (Brazilian way of saying "Chikara" (力), Japanese word that means power, strength) - This Japanese Brazilian character was created by Mauricio to be the mascot of the "Comemoração do Centenário da Imigração Japonesa no Brasil" (Celebration of the Centenary of the Japanese immigration to Brazil). He is expected to appear at Monica's strips in May and June 2008.
  • Toddy (Quinzinho) - He's from Portugal, son of the owner of a local bakery. He's in love with Maggy, and makes everything for her: bread, cake and other food, even though she eats everything without paying.
  • Carmen (Carminha Frufru) - Carmen is a prissy, fussy rich girl who is always bragging about herself. Most of girls don't like Carmen sometimes. Rarely, the boys fall for her.

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