Molay may refer to:

  • Jacques de Molay (c. 1240–1314), the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, who fought in Syria
  • Mulay or Molay, Mongol general circa 1300 who was active in Syria and Palestine
  • Molay, Jura, a commune in the French department of Jura
  • Molay, Haute-Saône, a commune in the French department of Haute-Saône
  • Môlay, a commune in the French department of Yonne
  • Le Molay-Littry, a commune in the French department of Calvados
  • DeMolay International, social fraternity sponsored by Freemasons

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Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat - Order of The Temple
... The Larmenius Charter, allegedly written in Latin in 1324, listed 22 successive Grand Masters of the Knights Templar from 1324 to 1804, Fabré-Palaprat's name appearing last on the list ... The Charter is named after Johannes Marcus Larmenius, who allegedly wrote the document and was allegedly appointed Grand Master by Jacques de Molay while imprisoned, also having the power to appoint his successor (Thomas Theobaldus Alexandrinus in 1324 the first name on the list) ...
Mulay/Molay Controversy
... Modern historians agree that the Templar of Tyre's document does not designate Jacques de Molay, but instead designates the Mongol general "Mûlay" ... Earlier historians however, regularly confused the two ...