Modular Synthesizer

The modular synthesizer is a type of synthesizer consisting of separate specialized modules. The modules are not hardwired together but are connected with patch cords, to create a patch. There are both audio and control signals, which are interchangeable.

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Hybrid Modular Synthesizers
... Hybrid synthesizers use hardware and software combination ... In alphabetical order Arturia Origin by Arturia (fully self contained) Clavia Nord Modular and Clavia Nord Modular G2 by Clavia (these need an external computer to edit ...
PAi A Electronics - Synthesizers
... In 1972, PAiA released the 2700 modular synthesizer series, which used push-buttons in lieu of a keyboard ... The next modular series, the 4700s, featured an improved, quieter design ... processor) that allowed polyphony for the first time on a PAiA modular synthesizer ...
Moog Modular Synthesizer - History
... Robert Moog created one of the first modular voltage-controlled music synthesizers, and demonstrated it at the AES convention that year ... theremin company to manufacture and market his synthesizers which, unlike the synthesizers created by Don Buchla (the other prominent figure in the early history of the synthesizer ... Moog also established standards for analog synthesizer control interfacing, with a logarithmic one volt-per-octave pitch control and a separate pulse triggering signal ...