Minor Triad

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Chord Names And Symbols (popular Music) - Chord Quality - Altered Fifths
... An augmented triad can be viewed as a major triad in which the perfect fifth interval (spanning 7 semitones) has been substituted with an augmented fifth (8 semitones), and a diminished triad ... In this case, the augmented triad can be named major triad sharp five, or major triad augmented fifth (M♯5, M+5, majaug5) ... Similarly, the diminished triad can be named minor triad flat five, or minor triad diminished fifth (m♭5, m°5, mindim5) ...
Minor Chord - Just Intonation
... In just intonation, a minor chord is often (but not exclusively) tuned in the frequency ratio 101215 ( play) ... This is the first occurrence of a minor triad in the harmonic series (if on C E-G-B) ... (now the most common tuning system in the West), a minor chord has 3 semitones between the root and third, 4 between the third and fifth, and 7 between the root and fifth ...
Chromaticism - Chromatic Chord
... are naturally built on each degree of the scale I = C major triad ii = D minor triad iii = E minor triad IV = F major triad V = G major triad vi = A minor triad vii = B diminished triad However, a ...

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